We create styles from scraps of used clothing and new eco-friendly fabrics. Each component of the product and its packaging is analyzed to reduce its impact on nature.

All used clothing is washed and sanitized before being placed on our cutting table. Our collection is designed, developed and made in our workshop to control all its aspects. In addition, each piece is unique,

just like you...



EKOLOJI is the conclusion of a long analysis of the clothing industry carried out by designer Sylvie Néron.

The textile sector is in the top 4 sources of pollution after the energy sector, transport and agriculture. *

The observation of its negativity on the environment is distressing. From the production of fibers and fabrics, from dyeing to the development of accessories, from its packaging to transglobal transport and above all its overconsumption, fashion is a series of actions that lead straight to an environmental crisis.

EKOLOJI, as its name suggests, provides an option to consumers concerned about all these issues. A fashion combining upcycling and ecological plant-based fabrics.

*(Source: European Government )