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Leggings with padded interior for women - BARCELONA

Leggings with padded interior for women - BARCELONA

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Leggings with padded interior for women - BARCELONA
Leggings brushed inside in lyocell, soft and breathable, are an excellent alternative to synthetic fabric! Made from plants Lyocell is one of the most eco-friendly fibers on the market. They have the perfect thickness for fall with a wide waistband for maximum comfort.

Our lyocell is made of birch wood cellulose fibers. The company that produces it is located in Austria and uses the center of the tree, parts not used by furniture manufacturers because they are not dense enough. So the lyocell we use avoids wasting materials. Additionally, the Lyocell production process uses significantly less water and energy than fabrics traditionally used for leggings.


  • Wide, very comfortable waistband
  • Located just below the navel
  • Good opacity
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Available in black

Cut and Size

Inseam Length: 26" (approximately 66 cm) Full Length Leggings

Size Chart - women

Sizes in Centimeters

Sizes in Inches

Materials and Maintenance

  • 66/28/6% Tencel™ Lyocell/Organic Cotton/Medium weight Spandex (300 g/m2)
  • Machine wash, cold water, gentle cycle, dry flat

Made in Quebec

Organic plant-based fabric 😎

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